Our State is Rich in

More Than Just Beauty

We are blessed with resources and poised for greatness

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is sourced from natural resources, such as from wind or the sun, and cannot be depleted. 

But, more than that, renewable energy is an opportunity for New Mexico to positively impact the environment while also growing the state’s economy.  

Why is Renewable Energy Good for New Mexico?

Renewable energy increases economic development. Transmission projects attract large investments from the private sector to New Mexico. The development of renewable energy creates a complementary economic opportunity to our existing oil and gas industry. Much of New Mexico’s economy is based on the export of oil and gas production and the same model is being used for renewable resources. 

Renewable energy brings rural jobs and capital investment. Large renewable generation and transmission developments take place primarily in rural New Mexico. These developments create hundreds of construction jobs, high-paying, permanent jobs and capital investment in these communities. 

Renewable energy facilitates urban recruitment. Many companies, such as Netflix and Facebook, are part of a growing trend for large high-tech, consumers to acquire their power from renewable resources. The generation and transmission of renewable energy increase the renewable capacity of the New Mexico system and allow for increased opportunities to attract businesses and further expand New Mexico’s economy. 

New Mexico residents can go green. By producing and transporting this energy, renewables will become available for purchase by New Mexico utilities and by customers in neighboring states.

Why is New Mexico Good for Renewable Energy?

As you might have experienced, New Mexico is bountiful in sunlight and wind. On average, New Mexico experiences about 278 days of sun, and in some places, wind speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. The eastern part of the state also boasts some of the best winds in the nation.

We are Blessed With Resources and Poised for Greatness

New Mexicans have much to take pride in regarding its natural resources. Our state's beauty is world renowned, and we have a unique opportunity to become a nationwide leader in renewable energy generation. Now is the time to invest in the transmission infrastructure needed to deliver our renewable energy for in-state usage and export to nearby states that will benefit our state for decades to come.

Homes Powered

Power Generated (kW)

Million Invested in NM

Million for local landowners

Growing While Preserving 

Our State’s Beauty

The heart of renewable energy is preservation of our resources