Administrative Services Specialist, New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority

The New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority (RETA) is seeking qualified candidates for the position of RETA Administrative Services Specialist. RETA is a quasi-governmental entity located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was created to assist with developing electric transmission and storage, with an emphasis on renewable energy development. RETA’s mandate is to plan, finance, build, and operate new electric transmission lines and storage facilities that draw at least 30 percent of their energy from renewable sources. It may provide revenue bonding authority to finance projects, which could involve owning or leasing the facilities, and charge participating entities fees to service the bond debt and recover administrative costs.

The RETA Administrative Services Specialist position is a full-time appointment. A compensation package will be negotiated with the Authority. The RETA offices and Administrative Services Specialist position are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


The RETA Administrative Services Specialist, reporting to the RETA Executive Director and 7-member New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority (the Authority), will provide administrative support to the RETA Executive Director and Authority to establish, plan, promote, and implement effective infrastructure planning for New Mexico electric transmission and storage facility projects. The principal duties of the Administrative Services Specialist include:

  • Serve as the full-time Administrative Services Specialist for RETA, including providing administrative assistance to the RETA Executive Director in managing the RETA office, convening Authority meetings, and documenting Authority actions.
  • Assist RETA Executive Director with preparing Authority agendas, presentations, documents, and minutes.
  • Assist RETA Executive Director in providing office presence and RETA representation in absence of RETA Executive Director.
  • Assist RETA Executive Director in working with other organizations, including state/local/federal government agencies, tribes and pueblos, the general public, and non-governmental community advocacy groups.
  • Assist RETA Executive Director with scheduling, website management, communications, and other duties as may be assigned.

A preferred candidate will possess a number of the qualifications listed below:

  • Bachelor’s degree and experience, or substitution of degree with additional experience in office management, executive secretary, project management, or related area of administrative assistance.
  • Experience with representing an organization, knowing its mission, interacting with its partners, and interacting with the general public.
  • Experience with planning and documenting meetings/hearings of senior organization officials.
  • Experience with organizing agendas and documents and other meeting preparations to support senior organization officials in a timely manner.
  • Experience with procurement and coordination of supplies, travel, information technology, and office space maintenance.
  • Experience with coordinating schedules of multiple people, organizations, and events.
  • Experience with cost control and scheduling in maintenance of an office space.
  • Experience working with or in support of government laws, policies, and regulations.
  • Demonstrated administrative assistance, office management, or project management skills.
  • Demonstrated planning, organizational, and communications skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with internal staff and external stakeholders.

Preferred Consideration Deadline:  March 27, 2020

Application materials must include a cover letter, resume (including 3 references with contact information) and a statement addressing qualifications. Application materials should be sent by mail or email to:  Fernando Martinez, Executive Director for RETA, 1225 South St. Francis Drive, Suite E, Santa Fe, NM  87505, (

RETA’s website: