RETA Sponsored Projects


Western Spirit Clean Line

RETA and Clean Line Energy Partners are co-developing the Western Spirit Clean Line Project. This is a first of its kind public/private partnership for the development of a transmission line by a state authority.

The Western Spirit Clean Line Project is a 140-mile transmission line, that will collect renewable power from east-central New Mexico and deliver approximately 1,000 megawatts (MW) of power to markets in the western United States that have a strong demand for clean, reliable energy. 



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Western Spirit Clean Line Project 

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High Lonesome Mesa

RETA issued $50 million in revenue bonds for the High Lonesome Mesa 100 MW wind farm in Torrance County.  This project over a 20 year period provides $9.7 million to Torrance County and Estancia Schools and $12.3 million to local landowners.  This is a good example of the economic benefits to the State of NM.



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